Orange Wine in Long Island

Greenport village is a seaport located in Long Island, North Fork. It’s well known for its fine restaurants & shopping centers.

After a quick tour of the village, Tim took us to a small hidden street food place. When I had a seat, I said to myself : A thousand times yes! I will definitely bring my friends and guests here. 1943 Pizza Bar. We ordered our pizzas and of course wines.

Sweet Time!
Then we stopped by a Chocolate shop. This Aussie knows every hidden treasure here 🙂

Coffee time!
Our next stop was North Fork Roasting Co. Alissa had highly recommended this place to me before. This time, I drank a regular drip coffee because I was very full. Later on, I will come here to taste a specific coffee and relax.

Wine Tasting Time !

After all, I thought there was never a better time for a wine tasting. We went to Peconic Cellar Door where we were pleasantly greeted by WMs Robin, Alie & Alissa.


Alissa helped us with tasting and gave short info about the wines.


Here is the most valuable part: I found Orange Wine very interesting (Amber Wine). Close your eyes; on the nose, I thought it was a late harvest-botrytised wine, but not. Very different than the Georgian Orange Wines.

2013 BOE “Broken Land” Orange Wine


This distinctive wine, with a clear bright golden yellow color with orange hues, presents aromas of honey, melon, quince, apricot, dry fig and hints of rose. On the palate, dry, light orange peel with good acidity accompanied by a medium finish. Very little and soft tannins also add some elegance into this beauty.

It is impossible not to be attracted by this elegant wine. I talked to WM Alie about the process to see the difference with 2013 BOE “Broken Land” Orange Wine and Georgian ones.


“This was a small batch production: after destemming, it was fermented with their skins & seeds for 7-9 days. Before pressing, extended maceration was applied (this is the tricky part). It was then aged for 9 months in neutral French oak barrels.”. Normally, it is not easy to handle white wines like that, but Alie has had great experience with the orange winemaking since 2010. Amber Wine, Skin Contact White Wine, Extensively Macerated White Wine…


And also the label. I loved the idea: It has a double layer, easy to peel stickers. Preserve it for your collection 🙂


Of course I grabbed a bottle of this wine. It was inevitable. I believe it will be trend soon.



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