Cava de Vino & Fulchino Vineyards

It was a beautiful weekend in Nashua, NH. After a long time, I went to visit the Bahi Family. They were very happy to see me again. David knows how passionate I am about wineries and wine tasting. Last time, when we met in Turkey, we opened a bottle of Pinot Noir from Burgundy, France. This time, he suggested going to a wine shop to taste some international wines and then to a short tour to a winery in the vicinity. It sounded great!


First, Cava de Vino.


The owner, Sharie Webber was very hospitable. She opened several bottles for us and gave short descriptions about the producers.


One of them grabbed David’s and my attention the most. It was from  Cahors, France:  A Malbec. Each of us immediately grabbed a few bottles 🙂

In Cahors AOC wines, the dominant grape variety is Malbec, and to some extent Tannat & Merlot. Most of the vineyards are located on the gravel terraces with hot summers and wet winters, influenced by Atlantic Ocean. The river Lot is an important factor for the micro-climate in the vineyards.



Chateau de Haute-Serre “Grand Vin Seigneur” Cahors 2011 (Southwest France, France)

Color : Opaque ruby red
Aromas : Fruity notes of blackberry and plum, earthy, burned oak
Flavors : Earthy, mineral and fruity
Full body, velvety tannins, med+ alcohol, long finish

David & Semra also prepared grilled lamb for dinner,  a good match with the Malbec, very delicious.


Second, Hollis, NH is home to a beautiful winery, Fulchino Vineyards. The owners, Al & Susan Fulchino, were very friendly, making very different wines particular to the Fulchino Winery. The winery has a welcoming entrance with stunning views of the vineyard. When we arrived there, somebody actually had reserved it to throw a bridal party. Absolutely a perfect place for a relaxation, celebration, or meeting new people.



We so enjoyed discovering their special semi-sweet red wines: Cabernet Sauvignon, Barbera, & Sangiovese. Aromatic, fruity flavors, with good acidity. They go well with desserts and with Turkish coffee. That I cannot say no to.


Fulchinos have also invited me to taste their dry wines 🙂 It is worth every mile to drive there again and again.


   Many thanks to  Serene for  her valuable time and assisstance 🙂 And also, I am very proud to see Junior Bahis, Cyrus & Serene, playing and singing together.


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